Holiday Styling to Celebrate

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A champagne inspired holiday decorating look and how to style it at home

It’s officially that time of year, and I can’t wait to decorate for the holiday this weekend. My favourite part about this time of year is that everybody makes an extra effort to style and decorate their homes for the season. I like to keep it simple, celebratory, and styled to work all the way from the first holiday cocktail party through to the last glass of champagne on New Years’ Eve! Follow my simple tips to create an effortless, elegant look in your own home this holiday season.

Holiday styling to celebrate

Ribbons in every shade of glass bottle green, and the ornament that inspired this whole holiday look.

No.1 Monochrome & Metallics

Choose a hue that inspires you and get it in every shade! A monochromatic look is instantly polished, easy to achieve, and makes a big impact no matter how much holiday decor you want to add for the season. Because this is the holidays, add one metallic shade to your scheme to make the whole look sparkle. This year I chose shades of glass bottle green and shimmering gold– all inspired from the colours of a champagne bottle.

Bloomier holiday greenery

Brass bells tied with a bow finish this fresh cedar garland, available via Bloomier

No.2 Statement Greenery

Yes, the statement greenery of holiday decor is typically the Christmas Tree. However, chez moi its the garland that always steals the show! Along a staircase banister, over the sideboard and of course draped over the fireplace mantel, what other time of year do we get to decorate with such an elegant version of greenery. Choose fresh greenery for the most most beautiful drape and natural scent.

My friend and florist, Bloomier, makes fresh, hand tied, 12 foot lengths, finished with a trio of bells. And the bow! Pick one up from her online store for the perfect statement piece for your holiday decor look. You might also be lucky enough to win one! Check my instagram account on Friday for all of the giveaway details.

Champagne inspired holiday decor to celebrate Megan Baker Interiors

Champagne ornaments by the case, via The Cross Decor & a footed engraved vase from Monika Hibbs Home 2020 holiday collection

No.3 More is Merrier

As the inspiration for this whole holiday look, one champagne bottle ornament was not going to be enough. I’m always one to say that more is more, but not in a maximalism sense. To keep more looking effortless, when you find something you love buy it in multiples. One ornament can get lost in the scheme, but many make your decor message clear. I like to display ornaments in glass footed vases of various sizes or a huge low bowl on the coffee table.

Holiday styling to celebrate

Bloomier’s 12 foot garland and my collection of antique candlesticks with green taper candles

No.4 Candlelight & Candlesticks

From the biggest home construction project to the smallest decorating vignette, the lighting is what always brings it to life. I like taper candles in candlesticks for the holidays because they feel extra special. For everyday elegance, burn the candles all season long to brighten up dark winter days. Last year I found the perfect green for this colour scheme and patiently saved them until I had the full look! Make sure to buy lots of whatever candle you choose to avoid running out before New Years’ Eve.

Holiday wrapping paper

Pretty packages tied with ribbons in every texture, available at Dressew Supply

No.5 Wrap Early

Ribbons in every shade of your colour scheme are the easiest way to pull your holiday decorating together. Since you will be wrapping presents anyways, make sure you extend your holiday colour palette to the paper and bows so they can add to the impact of the look. If you shop early, you can wrap early and use the pretty packages as part of your holiday decor until they are ready to be unwrapped on Christmas Day.

Megan Baker Interiors Holiday styling to celebrate

The complete holiday look, all photos by Janis Nicolay Photography

These 5 simple steps will help you make a statement with your holiday decorating this year, and leave plenty of time to celebrate the season! Don’t forget to enter my holiday giveaway with Bloomier via Instagram this weekend. It runs from December 3rd – 5th and you could win this beautiful garland to inspire your holiday styling. All that’s missing is a glass of champagne.

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