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Modern Tailored Kitchen Interior Finishes Guidebook

$595 cad

This 21-page digital guide is a go-to resource for every homeowner looking for a designer kitchen renovation on a DIY budget. Step-by-step we'll walk you through our design concept for a crisp & clean, two-tone Modern Tailored Kitchen. The Interior Finishes Guidebook provides exact material selections & vendor sources for every finish, and offers our expert advice on how to apply them to your kitchen, no matter what size it is or how it's arranged. 

Design from us, done by you—at a fraction of the cost of hiring an interior designer! 

- 21-page digital Interior Finishes Guidebook
- Six-step process guide
- Inspirational imagery 
- Design glossary
- Digital finish samples
- Material & vendor specifications for paint, cabinetry, countertop, backsplash, flooring, faucet & decorative hardware
- Bonus design tips & upgrade options

Interior Finishes Guidebooks