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Introducing the Megan Baker Interiors online store and Interior Finishes Guidebooks

The Boutique is open for business! I’m so excited to launch my very first online store. From virtual design consultations to digital design resources (and plenty more to come), The Boutique is a one-stop shop to make your home one worth celebrating. 

Allow me to introduce you to my very first product—the Interior Finishes Guidebook! A digital resource for your renovation, this is my answer to all of your DIY kitchen renovation questions and instant e-design needs.  Each one of the Guidebooks (there are three!) is designed to suit a different interior design style so you can find the perfect look for your home. 
From Heritage Inspired to Tailored Modern or the eternal favourite, Timeless White, each magazine-style digital guidebook includes 20+ pages of design inspiration and expertise. Say goodbye to overwhelming showroom visits and endless online research—our guidebooks will give you the exact material and finish specifications you need to get the designer look. All at the fraction of a cost of hiring an interior designer!

Timeless White Kitchen Megan Baker Interiors Boutique

The Timeless White Kitchen palette, Interior Finishes Guidebook available in The Boutique


Each guidebook will walk you through an inspirational space designed by me, provide the material and vendor specifications for every finish (think countertops, tile, flooring, paint—everything!) you need to get the look, and offer trusted expertise on how to use them successfully in your kitchen renovation.  This is a unique document that combines two of the key design phases I take all of my custom design clients through into an easy to understand, done for you design package.  It’s an essential resource to answer all of the questions your contractor will have once the renovation begins. What cabinetry style do you want? What hardware goes on the doors? Where is the tile coming from? The guidebook holds all of those answers, and more!

Heritage Inspired Kitchen Megan Baker Interiors Boutique

The Heritage Inspired Kitchen palette, Interior Finishes Guidebook available in The Boutique


The Interior Finishes Guidebook is a great place to start planning your renovation. It’s the perfect option for those who love design, and crave extra knowledge to tackle a renovation independently. Save the cost of design fees by taking on the responsibility of executing the project yourself! 
Once you’ve reviewed all of the materials specifications in your guidebook, you’ll collect physical samples to finalize choices and work with your contractor to make it a reality.  If your kitchen layout already works, but the whole look needs a cosmetic update, then the Interior Finishes Guidebook will be your new best friend. If you’re moving things around, and are confident in where they need to go instead, the Guidebooks are perfect for you too! The selections in each Guidebook will work for any kitchen size and layout.

Tailored Modern Kitchen Megan Baker Interiors Boutique

The Modern Tailored Kitchen palette, Interior Finishes Guidebook available in The Boutique


Many homeowners take on a kitchen renovation at some point, and I know that sometimes the hardest part of renovating on your own is knowing where to start. I also know that sometimes DIY seems easier, faster, and even exciting, but can quickly end up to be more challenging than expected! When you’re paralyzed with the decision between four different countertops and are probably using the bathtub as a temporary kitchen sink, this is where you need some instant help. While I wish I could be there for everybody every step of the way, I know that not all project budgets or timelines will allow us to work together.  My goal when creating the Interior Finishes Guidebook was to make design more accessible and spread the Megan Baker Interiors mission of making homes worth celebrating!

The Boutique is open for Virtual Design Consultation

Heritage Inspired, Tailored Modern, or Timeless New Build—visit The Boutique to see all three Interior Finishes Guidebooks. There’s more information about each one and a sneak peek inside for every style.  Once you’ve selected a favourite and made your purchase, the Guidebook will be immediately available for download so you can get renovating. 

Reconfiguring your space? Seeking more storage and don’t know where to add it? Debating open shelving vs. closed cabinets? Always wanted a kitchen island? If your DIY renovation is a little larger renovation and you have a few extra questions about the layout and function of your space, I am happy to help. Virtual Design Consultations are also newly available in The Boutique and pair perfectly with your Interior Finishes Guidebook.

I hope I get to meet some of you virtually, and I can’t wait to see how your new kitchens look! Have fun making your home one worth celebrating.

Megan Baker

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