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Shown: Historic brownstone meets family living via Livingetc. Architect: Martin Sosa

When starting a new interior design project at home in Vancouver, our minds wander the globe in the search for inspiration. At Megan Baker Interiors, our approach to design is fuelled by a love of travel and appreciation for the unique beauty of cities that inspire around the world. There’s no better muse than the history of Europe, the innovation in America, and the coastline lifestyle of islands over the globe.

As a digital tour through our five favourite destinations, we’re paying homage to the cities that always serve to inspire. The first city in our series is the ultimate icon, but It doesn’t get much more chic than the next on our list… 

Cities that Inspire NYC - 1

Shown: A New York City apartment with a view, photographed by Evan Joseph, via Elle Decor

No. 2 New York City

NYC is the ultimate in cool meets classic. There is a sense of timelessness in New York, where retail, restaurant and residential interior designs have staying power. At the same time time they stay feeling fresh and current. We aim to bring this timeless quality to all of our projects. Helping our clients create homes that effortlessly fuse classic elements with lasting trends is how we know they will stand the test of time. 

Cities that Inspire NYC - 2

Shown: A posh Park Avenue bathroom via 1stDibs. Designer: Jeremiah Brent Design

Cities that Inspire NYC - 3

Shown: Liv Tyler’s impossibly stylish West Village townhouse via Architectural Digest. Architect: Ben Petreath

When it comes to New York, home options (and the interiors that go with them) are limitless. A brownstone in Brooklyn? An Upper East Side penthouse? Perhaps a Hamptons summer home (yes, it’s not in NYC proper, but we’re talking about dream homes here!). Whatever NYC neighbourhood inspires you, we have a Pinterest board for that. Get in touch with us to learn how we can take your city that inspires and make it a reality anywhere you call home.

Until then, back to daydreaming while watching our favourite episodes of Gossip Girl.

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