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Shown: Rodolphe Parente Architecture / Design

In the studio at Megan Baker Interiors, our approach to design is largely inspired by a love of travel and the unique beauty of cities that inspire around the world. There’s no better inspiration than European history, American innovation, and the coastal lifestyle of islands across the globe. So much so, we even organize our inspiration by dream homes iconic in their location on Pinterest.

While it’s been a long time since most of us hopped on a plane, our minds are always wandering the world when we’re looking for ideas to fuel our next interior design project in Vancouver. For a dose of digital wanderlust, in this series we’re paying homage to five of our favourite cities that always serve to inspire. 

Shown: Aerin Lauder’s chic Paris apartment via ELLE Décor 

No. 1: Paris

What can I say? Paris had to be first on the list!  A personal favourite and the place that feels like home upon every arrival. Everything about this city inspires—the luxury, the craftsmanship, the beauty in simplicity and the well-kept spaces. I’ve always been inspired by Parisian interior design.

We love how Parisian design employs the elegance of materials like gold, marble, stone and iron. The French firmly believe that beauty and function don’t have to be exclusive—they can (and should!) exist together. This philosophy leads our design decisions regardless of the chosen style, creating spaces that are both effortless and elegant. 

Shown: An elegant Parisian apartment by Jean Charles Tomas, via This is Glamorous 
Shown: A dream worthy pied-a-terre owned by the house of Dior, photographed by Carin Olson via @parisinfourmonths

If you are also inspired by Parisian interior design, here are our top three places to shop the city for a certain je ne sais quoi (that fits in your luggage) next time you’re there:

Vive la France! 

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