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In the Studio

Just one short week ago, I finally had the pleasure of unveiling the new Megan Baker Interiors online! This is a re-brand I have been working on (with a fabulous team) almost everyday for the last six months, but the daydreaming started many, many years ago. 

When I started my design studio in 2018, all things branding – choosing a logo, selecting a perfect colour palette, and throwing together a full website – were all tasks I had scheduled for week one (if you’ve been there, I know you’re laughing as you read this). As I should have realized then, what I know and love best is interior design. I quickly put all of my energy into designing dream homes for each of my amazing clients. A landing page went up in no time–and it stayed that way, without any of the content I wanted, until last week.
This year, I knew I couldn’t let this fall off my list any longer! I called in the experts, and together we turned my design philosophy, many Post-it notes, and growing portfolio of residential interior design into the real-life brand you see here today. The overall concept? HOMES WORTH CELEBRATING—our absolute mission with each and every project.

Megan Baker Interiors branding before
Shown: The old Megan Baker Interiors landing page
Megan Baker Interiors branding after
Shown: The brand-new Megan Baker Interiors home page

Of course, as a designer, I couldn’t pull a full brand identity together without a ton of design inspiration. Here’s an inside look at how it all came together, from inspiration to the full, live website


Forever obsessed with magazines, I knew I wanted something with an editorial feel and a hint of handwritten nostalgia.

brand inspiration board


Like my signature interior design style, the brand needed to convey a warm, timeless feel. Black and white, shades of newsprint and buff, and a hint of amber pulled it all together (with a little rouge to finish the look – hello, holiday season).

brand style guide


No proper design website is complete without its own blog! A curated collection of musings about all things interior design, The Edit is my new platform to tour you through our work and inspiration—plus the occasional cocktail recipe, among other delights.

Megan Baker Interiors blog The Edit
brand photo

Thank you for following along and I can’t wait to hear what you think of the new brand and website! Follow us on Instagram for the latest updates, visit The Edit when you need some weekend reading, and book a complimentary inquiry call if you’re ready to talk about how we can make your home one that’s worth celebrating. Plus, stay tuned for another exciting launch later this month.

behind the brand logo

A special thank you to all of my collaborators:

Saffron Avenue // Website and Social Media Design (check out her beautiful, and customizable templates)

Mady Tan // Graphic Design

Liz Hammond // Copy writing

Amanda Haines Lazeski // Brand Direction

Megan Baker

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