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Virtual Design Consultations are here!  Get the expert guidance you need to create the space you’ve been dreaming about, no matter the scale of your project.  A Virtual Design Consultation is the perfect, one-time, Q&A style call with me to give you the confidence to update your space on your own without the expenditure of our full service design packages.  This works best for tackling one space at a time, but we will cover as much of the home as we can in each 90 minute session.  Decided to book in?  Here are my 5 steps to prepare for your Virtual Design Consultation.

Virtual Consultation 2 Megan Baker Interiors

No. 1 Measure Twice

An accurate floor plan is the key to a design that will optimize your space.  If you have a real-estate floor plan from your home purchase, this is a great first measure.  Print out a copy and use it as a guide to write measurements on as you re-measure each key dimension.  Feet and inches are most commonly understood by designers North America wide.  If you don’t have an existing floor plan, often a google search of your address will bring up results from old listings or original building sales.  Still no luck? Draw a very simple version on your own – don’t worry about scale, just get the basic shape of your room, and the key dimensions of length, width, and important locations like fireplaces or doors.

No. 2 Take Photos

Yes, you are preparing for a virtual design consultation that will be on live video.  However, a static photo is sometimes easier to understand and provides a great base for quick sketches while we work.  The most useful photos are of each wall and each corner of your space, from a distance away that allows the photo to show both the ceiling and floor around it.  This way you’re showing as much context as possible per photo.  Do not be tempted to use a wide angle lens! This distorts the space and makes it appear larger than it is, which won’t help highlight problems that the interior design should solve.  

No. 3 Make a List

Answering your unique questions is the number one priority of the virtual design consultation. Having a list of questions prepared will maximize your time.  Write as many as you can think of, then put them in a priority order so we can start with the most important issues.  It’s also valuable to write a list of problems with the current space– a great designer will be able to answer questions you didn’t even know you had with this information.

No. 4 Pin It!

Every designer I know has an extensive library of Pinterest boards (take a look at mine here!).  It’s the perfect tool to organize lots of information in a visual way.  Think like a designer and create a pin board to house all of your inspiration images, any furniture pieces you’re considering, hardware, paint colours, everything from everywhere you’ve been browsing online! This will give a simple one stop to scroll through in your virtual design consultation.  It’s efficient, and will also represent your style to your designer right away, even if you don’t know what your style is yet.

No. 5 Gather Supplies

Once the ideas get rolling, time will fly by in your virtual design consultation.  Prepare accordingly by having a few key tools by your side so resolutions can be made live, and with accuracy:

  • Laptop or Desktop computer
  • Tape Measure
  • Phone
  • Painters tape
  • Notepad
  • Pencil
  • Sharpie

We may not use all of these supplies every consultation, but having them close-by is best practice.  Plan to use a static computer with a big screen for the video.  I’ll often share my screen for most of the call, and a phone screen is too small to see this information well.  Plus, it’s wobbly and after 90 minutes causes some motion sickness! Have your phone nearby to quickly Facetime details of the space if needed.  

Virtual Consultation 3 Megan Baker Interiors

The more prepared you can be, the more information you will get out of our time together.  If you’ve already booked your consultation, I can’t wait to meet you there.  If you’ve finally decided to get started, click here for all of the details about how to book a Virtual Design Consultation with me.  Most importantly, have fun preparing to design your new space!  After the session, I guarantee you will feel inspired and confident to make your home one worth celebrating.

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