5 Tips For Elevating Your Outdoor Space This Summer

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Summer weather is here! That means al fresco dinners and lounging in the sun all weekend long. If you’re looking to level up your outdoor space but don’t know where to start, I’ve got a few designer tricks that always elevate the extra living space for the season. Hint– bring the indoors out! Read through for some of my most trusted ways to design an outdoor space that you love:

No. 1

Don’t limit yourself to shopping in the outdoor section in stores and online. There are often lots of great finds in the indoor section that can translate outdoors. Look for furniture that will wear intentionally with exposure to the sun and the elements like antique wooden tables, marble, or metal. These materials have lived outdoors in Europe for centuries (and still manage to look chic!). A few of my favourite spots are Pottery Barn, and Crate & Barrel for a selection of furniture pieces that you can be creative with outside.

My number one tip to elevate your outdoor space this summer with an indoor dining table that will age like a European antique

This expandable dining table is solid wood, and intended to age over time like a European antique.

No. 2

An area rug can make your outdoor space feel as cozy as your indoor living room. Bonus— you can comfortably wander around your outdoor oasis without shoes on, and use the vacuum for easy clean up. Some outdoor rugs are even made of PVC, which means you can power wash them clean at the end of the season. Elevated, and practical! I love the selection of options at Gild & Co here in Vancouver.

Elevate your outdoor space this summer by using an area rug to create a soft surface

Layering an area rug over concrete terrace tiles extends the indoor living room of my Provence Penthouse project right outside!

No. 3

Having a basket of blankets and pillows can warm up your space and keep you and your guests cozy when you’re sipping cocktails late into the night. Look for natural materials like linen and cotton that can be easily washed and stored in the off season. One of my new favourite sources for versatile blankets is One Wednesday, I just ordered the waffle throw for a project!

Interior design and outdoor design by Megan Baker Interiors, Vancouver

Tucked into the corner, a metal basket can stay on this covered terrace through three seasons in West Coast weather.

No. 4

Focusing on lighting is key to making your outdoor space feel welcoming. I like to use real candles (carefully, of course), because the fake ones simply don’t create the same atmosphere. String lights or a fire pit instantly bring the feeling of summer, and turn your space into a chic lounge people will want to hang out in all night long.

Add a fire table is the number 1 tip to elevate your outdoor space this summer

Fire tables come at price points– from the local hardware store to the luxe RH collection.

No. 5

I truly believe that accessories are just as important outside as they are inside. Whether it’s a vase of fresh flowers or some throw pillows, bringing in some objects of interests will ensure your personal design style shines through indoors and out. Have fun using your accessories from inside, and finding a few special additions to elevate your outdoor space for the season. The Cross Design always has a treasure to take home.

5 tips to elevate your outdoor space this summer Megan Baker Interiors

My favourite close up by Janis Nicolay, at our Provence Penthouse Terrace photoshoot.

Try these 5 tips to elevate your outdoor space this weekend. Cheers to a summer full of dreamy nights in your outdoor space! 

Megan Baker

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